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Amazing women, instagram husbands and mindfulness: here are this weeks’ must-read 11 links

April 21, 2017

If there was ever a weekend that called for staying in and reading in bed it’s this one. The weather’s bad, and don’t even get me started on international politics. So what better time to cuddle up in bed with a book or this week’s fun links from around the web.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Live beautifully.


5 Beautiful Christmas Gifts Inspired by Tradition

December 8, 2016

Christmas is all about giving, love and tradition. So, what is more beautiful that to give a gift inspired by tradition? And because Romanian folklore is abundant in gorgeous motifs that is our ‘Christmas gifts’ inspiration for today. The only problem is that it’s going to be hard to pick just one!

Traditional Motifs Rolling Pins from Copaceanca

What better gift for that special person in your life who loves to cook? Bonus: it makes for a beautiful kitchen decor piece AND you get to eat all the cookies!

This hand-engraved wood rolling pin will sure to make your holiday cookies extra special!


Winter Dolls from LILETA

The beautiful doll-maker Lileta just released a special Christmas Collection and they are just about as delightful as you can imagine. The ‘Sisters’ are not only a lovely gift for little girls, but for any fashion-loving girl too!

2-lileta-dolls-chocolate-and-cashmere 1-lileta-dolls-chocolate-and-cashmere

Little Houses (and owls) from Keramice

Beautiful tiny houses, and owls, inspired by traditional Romanian villages make for a perfect gift. That is if you can part from them and don’t decide to keep them for yourself. Don’t worry, no one would blame you, just look at them!


4. Cufflinks from ZoreleColorate

Let’s not forget the gentlemen in our lives and upgrade they winter wardrobe with these hand embroidered on natural linen cufflinks. Plus, they already come gift wrapped!


5. Hot Chocolate cup with traditional Romanian Motifs from ObiecteDecorate

This white opal tea, coffee, or better yet, hot chocolate cup is decorated with traditional motifs and can be custom made according to your specific color preferences. Did I mention that parts of the proceeds go to families in need? Basically you get two gifts in one, talk about having your cake and eating it too!


Live beautifully.


Beauty | Despre Phytopeeling cu Cornelia Copaceanu

November 24, 2016


Ahhh, oceanul … calmant … liniștitor … stai un minut. Ce-i chestia aia verde plutind la suprafață? Este fitoplanctonul – un tip de microalge tot mai abundent în oceanele din întreaga lume, cu beneficii absolut uimitoare de îngrijire a pielii! Este de asemenea, principalul ingredient în tratamentul facial Phytopeel care ne permite să ne menținem tinerețea și frumusețea.

Cornelia Copaceanu, trainer și dermopigmentist la salonul Sebastyan (strada Turda 117-119), din București, ne explică care sunt beneficiile unui astfel de tratament.

Ce este phytopeeling-ul?

„Phytopeeling este un tratament uimitor, non-chimic, care folosește fitoplanctonul natural din lacurile din nordul Europei. De fapt, acest tip de peeling este o terapie de regenerare a ţesutului non-invazivă, ce se poate aplica cu succes în cazul tenurilor grase, acneeice, cu cicatrici de orice provenienţă, riduri, vergeturi şi pigmentări ale pielii.

Prin aplicarea tratamentului de phytopeeling se obţine intensificarea circulaţiei sanguine la nivelul feţei, metabolismul celular creşte, iar ca rezultat final straturile superioare ale ţesutului facial se exfoliază.”

Care sunt beneficiile phytopeelingului? 

Hidratare de lungă durată

„Fitoplanctonul are o concentrație ridicată de acizi grași precum omega-3, care pătrund adânc în piele. Acest lucru permite pielii să rețină apa mai mult timp, ceea ce înseamnă că vei fi mereu hidratată, pielea căpătând strălucire și aspect luminos.”

„Fitoplanctonului este de asemenea, un puternic antioxidant al bioflavonoidelor, ceea ce înseamnă că ne protejează de radicalii liberi. Acest lucru se traduce printr-o piele mai fină, cu o reducere a aspectului liniilor fine și a ridurilor. În plus, fitoplanctonul este o mare sursă de zinc, care este un nutrient care ajuta la reglarea producției de sebum pentru a diminua apariția acneei.”

„Asa cum acesta funcționează pentru a calma inflamația, fitoplanctonul ajută la reducerea roseței și diminuează umflarea, ceea ce îl face ideal pentru cei care suferă de eczeme, psoriazis și acnee rozacee.”

„Phytopeeling-ul datorită fitoplanctonului stimulează întinerirea celulară și îndepărtează celulele moarte ale pielii, prevenind aparițiile petelor  superficiale, permițând în același timp serurilor și cremelor de hidratare să pătrundă în straturile pielii. De asemenea, restabilește elasticitatea pielii și luminozitatea, provocând în același timp o creștere de colagen, urmată de o piele mai moale și mai fină.

Iată, acesta este un tratament revolutionar care ne dezvaluie frumusețea în mod natural și non-invaziv. Merită încercat măcar o dată de fiecare dintre noi!”

Live beautifully.


Are you ready for your November Horoscope?

October 31, 2016

No new month should begin without a healthy dose of predictions from the stars and my favorite horoscope comes from Amelia Quint. So without further ado, here are this month’s highlights and if you’re zodiac bone is craving for more just head over to and enjoy!



This month, the stars are aligning to show you the role you play in the lives of those around you. On the 9th, Mars enters your group sector, both giving you powerful charisma and highlighting areas that could use a little work. On the 14th, the Taurus full moon in your self-worth zone is on the receiving end of good vibes from your career zone. By the end of the month, the Sagittarius new moon in close quarters with Saturn on the 29th reveals how well you’ve learned your astral lessons. It’s in your expansion sector, so this is all about sharing. Give and you’ll get it back, I promise.



Things have been relatively quiet in the stars for Taurus lately, but November is huge for you! Your ruling planet—Venus—slips into your ninth house of personal growth on November 11 for a month of travel and thought-provoking meetings. She’s in ambitious Capricorn, so expect career advancement to play a role, especially if you turn on the charm. This is a moment of accomplishment where you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Finally, the Sagittarius full moon on the 29th is in close quarters with Saturn in your secrets sector, illuminating parts of your life that could use a deep clean (literally and figuratively!).



You’ll be in high demand this month once your ruling planet—Mercury—enters your relationship zone on the 12th! For you, it’s a great time to see a therapist or start journaling. On November 29, the Sagittarius new moon on Saturn illuminates the partnership house of your horoscope, showing you all the ways you’ve grown in your closest relationships since last September. You can breathe a sigh of relief, Gemini: The people with you now are here to stay.



In astrology, you’re ruled by the moon, so you’re more sensitive to the moon phases than other zodiac signs. On the 14th, the Taurus full moon in your friendship zone gets good vibes from Pluto in your partnership sector. Essentially, the stars are aligned to bring you the perfect bestie, or you’ll renew your commitment to an existing squad. At the end of the month, you have the opportunity to change your health and fitness regimens for good. It’s on the 29th, so mark your calendars!



You’re used to being in the spotlight, Leo, and November is no different. On the 21st, your ruling planet—the sun—enters the house of your horoscope associated with pleasure, giving you a chance to relax and enjoy yourself. On the 29th, the Sagittarius new moon in league with Saturn shows you how to take your creativity seriously. Schedule in time to develop any ideas that strike. They could be big!



On the 12th, Mercury enters Sagittarius at the base of your chart, stirring up lots of emotions deep in your psyche. It’s all about origins: your home, family, and childhood are all fair game. Luckily, the Taurus full moon on the 14th helps you get a fresh perspective. By the month’s end, the Sagittarius new moon in league with Saturn on the 29th makes whatever you’ve been trying to excavate from your inner self as clear as can be. The truth is you’ve been digging for this since last September, but do you want it anymore? You don’t have to keep it. If you need to move on, do.



On the 11th, your ruling planet—Venus—enters your home sector, casting a spell on everyone who passes through your door. It’s a wonderful time to redecorate, try Feng Shui, or host a big gathering. Now’s a great time to build a nest egg, if you don’t already have one. By the time the Sagittarius new moon (in league with serious Saturn) arrives in your habits sector, you’ll be ready to put in the ground level work necessary to change your financial reality.



This is your season, Scorpio! With the sun in your sign until the 21st, you’ll have increased stamina, visibility, and magnetism for professional projects, so use that wisely. On the 14th, the Taurus full moon in your partnership sector gets an assist from your ruling planet—Pluto—in your communication zone, giving you the ability to negotiate on your own terms. Beneath the surface, this is really about what you value in your relationships. What makes you feel rich? Here’s a hint: It doesn’t have to be money.



On the 14th, the Taurus full moon in your daily grind sector syncs to Pluto in the house of your horoscope associated with money. Together, they could add up to a new job! Whatever happens, it’s a major career transformation. By the end of the month, the new moon in your sign amplified by responsibility planet Saturn helps you make it a reality. Make a plan, know the structure, give it details, and you’ll flourish.



You’re usually a strategic planner, but this month, you surprise everyone by following your heart. On the 14th, the Taurus full moon in your ideals sector in sync to Pluto in your sign reveals a new philosophy that you admire and might want to incorporate into your life. Your inner transformation continues on the 24th, with the first in a series of squares between Jupiter in your professional sector and Pluto in your sign. It’s the perfect opportunity to heal any old money drama that needs to go. Let it stay in the past, where it belongs.



Aquarius is the extraterrestrial of the zodiac, but under this month’s new moon, there’s no place like home! Rest and stay hydrated, with plenty of space to integrate any messages the universe sends your way. That goes doubly so on the 24th, when the first in a series of Jupiter-Pluto squares activates your personal growth and spirituality sectors. Not only will your ideas be more polished, but also, you’ll feel more confident sharing them with your crew. Everyone wins.



On the 14th, the Taurus full moon in your third house of communication gets a helping hand from Pluto in your leadership sector.  People in your industry recognize you for a piece of writing, a killer conversation, or some other display of wit—congratulations! By the end of the month, the Sagittarius new moon on the 29th falls at the top of your chart in your career zone. Lady Luna gets an assist from Saturn, helping you start fresh in the office if you so choose. Only you know which way to go.

Live beautifully.


Trick or Treat? Get your Halloween Treat Now!

October 27, 2016


Halloween is by far my favorite holiday, but I have never been able to stand by the question “Trick or Treat”, mostly because I have always thought it was a rhetorical question. Treats is the obvious answer, right?! That’s why I love it when others automatically jump to the same conclusion. This year my treats come from Floria flowershop who have come up with a wonderful Halloween themed floral arrangement workshop. And while I had to arrange it myself, you can just pop up and buy yours. Easy as pumpkin!

Floria specialists have created beautiful floral arrangements with an eccentric Halloween-ish twist, using the icon of the holiday: the pumpkin. Although quite quirky, these arrangements have the same elegant and refined feeling that is the definition of Floria. Beautiful shades of orange, yellow, dark purple, bordeaux, pale pink and fresh green make a beautiful autumnal visual.

Enjoy the beautiful visuals from our interactive and engaging workshop and go get your floral pumpkin while you still can!








Live beautifully.


There’s a New Bistro in Town!

October 25, 2016

… and you’re going to love every GRAM of it! Because Gram Bistro is an invitation to discovery, a place made special by its energy, team and most of all, by the people who come here every day. It is the place where the day starts early morning with a freshly brewed coffee and ends late at night over a glass of wine with your dear ones. With an original and simple design they have managed to create one of the boldest urban experiments for indulging, exploring and connecting. Casual but with a twist, confident in what it has to offer, Gram Bistro brings an original alternative to the day-to-day “going out”.


We welcome you with a modern and cosmopolitan cuisine that is highlighted by quality ingredients, attention to detail and passion to try new recipes and “epicurious” flavours. And given the fact that delicious food should also be nutritious and healthy, we carefully handpick natural products and prepare as much as possible in our very own kitchen.

Incorporating the urban spirit and the industrial design influences, the athmosphere is friendly and vibrant. The location next to Piata Victoriei, Bucharest, and the design concept enabled them to create a suitable space for business meetings and quick lunches, as well as after work drinks, dinners, parties or long coffee chats with friends on the weekends.

And before closing your computer and dashing to Gram, feast your eye on the food!


Live beautifully.



5 motive pentru care trebuie sa-ți începi ziua cu 5TOGO

August 29, 2016

Astazi pregatisem un articol cu 5 motive pentru care a bea o cafea buna e cel mai bun mod de a-ți începe ziua. Pentru ca e luni. Pentru că afară plouă. Și pentru o întreagă serie de beneficii pentru sănătate ușor găsite pe google. Dar exact în timp ce îmi beam cafeaua am realizat că am ceva mai interesant să vă povestesc azi: 5 motive pentru care trebuie sa-ti incepi ziua cu 5TOGO.


5 motive pentru 5TOGO


  • Pentru că sprijină producătorii locali folosind doar materii prime de proveniență autohtonă;

  • Pentru că au cea mai prietenoasă filosofie de brand: cool, cozy, friendly, daily coffee, TO GO;

  • Pentru că la ei nu găsim doar cafea ci si cookies, prajiturele, macarons, fresh-uri, iaurt cu cereale, sucuri, samd;

  • Pentru că îi găsim peste tot, cu peste 25 de locații în București și în țară și se preconizează 40 până la sfârșitul anului. Dar în caz că aveți nevoie de un mic reminder, cele mai populare locații sunt: Pache Protopopescu, Lahovari, 5 TO GO Concept Store Buzesti, Piata Amzei, Str Paris

  • Pentru ca au cel mai cool brand de PR: M-PR (Mihai Scarlat, Managing Partner).


13445744_1116576861695795_7142450742502018692_n 13516638_1129750003711814_1020842124625298401_n 13592751_1135548493131965_426410841906836216_n 13607020_1132035016816646_1637571385385259331_n 13700019_1140224352664379_2664836825651247802_n

Live beautifully.


Nuba #summervibes – sau locul perfect unde să-ți petreci weekendul

July 15, 2016

NUBA înseamna boboc, floare a frumuseții în Japoneză. În București înseamna bucătărie asiatică delicioasă, cocktailuri cel puțin la fel de bune și un interior cosmopolit într-o locație perfectă pentru vară. Sau locul perfect unde să-ți petreci weekendul. Bine, recunosc, nu este complet adevărat titlul. Nuba este locul perfect pentru orice zi în care vrei să te simți ca în vacanță în mijlocul orașului. Pentru că ce poate să fie mai bun decat mâncare japoneză gustoasă savurată într-un loc care nu poate să ma ducă cu gândul decât la o grădină botanică?! Sincer, dacă știți aștept răspunsurile pentru că eu înca nu am găsit un loc mai relaxat și vibrant în același timp.

locatie 2

Pentru cei care cunosc prima locație Nuba nu o să fie surprinzător să aflați că terasa de vara a deja cunoscutului restaurant aflata pe lacul Herastrau a câștigat deja supremația în materie de petreceri și evenimente de noapte însă puțină lume știe cât de bine se mănâncă și cât de atent preparate și delicioase sunt felurile de mâncare ce compun meniul restaurantului.

“Taste the difference! Welcome to a new level of Asian cuisine. Our food is hand-crafted from scratch, not pre-processesd, and made with the highest quality ingredients. We take pride in using fresh, locally grown produce.
We are excited to serve the best Asian cuisine and Sushi in Bucharest! Our divine, hand-made signature rolls are pieces of edible art. An ambiance that is suitable for all occasions. The menu includes an array of appetizers, entrees, sushi, cocktails, sake and more.”

Dar când vorbim despre mâncare mai bine vă arăt decât să vă povestesc pentru că mâncarea preparată de Chef Bucătar Cătălin Petrescu mi-ar epuiza toate adjectivele lăudative!

Nuba 1-0001Nuba 1-0019Nuba 1-0012Nuba 1-0010 Nuba 1-0017Nuba 1-0007Nuba 1-0008

Vă doresc poftă bună  în fiecare zi începând cu ora 12:00 și până în jurul orei 01:00, iar duminică ne vedem la un brunch relaxant pe lac, mai exact pe Sos Nodului 7-9 !

Live beautifully.


Workshop | Ceramica la Atelier Anda Roman

May 16, 2016

Un Workshop este momentul perfect să ne desprindem din treburile cotidiene și să dedicăm câteva ore inclinațiilor noastre creative. Așa că haideți să vedem ce ne-a pregătit acum Atelier Anda Roman!


Grab a friend and join us for a few creative hours filled with ceramic hand making, new friends, good conversation, jazz, nibbles and some wine, all set in our beautiful, serene decor.

Our guest is ceramic artist Nicolae Moldovan.

In the first session | May 26 th | 5-8 pm | he will guide us through basic ceramic hand building techniques to create our own pieces to take home and enjoy.

On the second session | June 2 nd | | 5-8 pm | of the workshop Nicolae will step us through ceramic painting techniques. We will be surface decorating our own works of art , made in the previous masterclass. 

The ceramic pieces will be burned at the artist’s studio and will be available to pick up days later. 


Ceramics Workshop

All materials included. Nibbles and wine on the house.
Price: 190 lei
For bookings please contact us at


Live beautifully.


3 Gmail Hacks pentru maximizarea productivității

April 18, 2016


Gmail, acel lucru care a devenit o parte constantă și esențială a vieții noastre, fie profesională sau personală. Și cu care îmi încep fiecare dimineață. Ritualul este simplu: verificat mail-uri, răspuns la ele, trimis newsletter și așa mai departe. Câteodată este relaxant, câteodată obositor. Iar pentru cazurile din urmă am o soluție: hack-uri pentru gmail!

Raspunsuri prestabilite

Ai un răspuns pe care îl folosești des? Nu te mai obosi să îl tastezi de fiecare dată și setează-l drept un răspuns prestabilit. Dă click pe iconița tip roată zimțată din dreapta sus. Du-te la “Labs” găsește “Canned Responses”, click “Enable”. Iar când începi un nou mesaj dă click pe săgeat din dreapta jos a ferestre de compunere de mesaj nou pentru a vedea meniul de “Canned Responses”. Selectează “New Canned Response” și salvează mesajul. Acum este ușor accesibil oricând!



Acest Boomerang, sper deosebire de cel scos de instagram, este una dintre cele mai ajutătoare aplicații pentru gmail pentru că această aplicație o folosești pentru programarea mail-urilor. Dacă știi că ai o oră fixă pentru trimis un email, dar nu o să fi lângă birou sau ești prins cu altceva, așa poți să fi sigură că n-o să ratezi nici un moment.


FollowUp este o aplicație care te alertează când cineva deschide mail-ul trimis de tine și îți amintește să revii cu un follow-up. Este perfectă pentru a rămâne la curent cu tot ce înseamna mail-uri de muncă sau RSVP-uri.


Live beautifully.