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10 Life Rules to Swear by

April 28, 2017


Accept and be comfortable with who you are.


Be generous.


Be patient.


Surround yourself with positive people and objects that inspire you.


Spend some time alone every day.


Respect yourself and others.


Take responsibility for your actions.


Don’t take anything personally.


Speak with integrity and love. Act the same.


Always do your best.

Live beautifully.


5 Resolutions You Need to Make on Earth Day

April 22, 2017

In honor of Earth Day we need to use today to set new resolutions that will help our minds, our bodies, and ultimately The Earth. But unlike the more popular New Year Resolution, make more of an effort to keep them. And just to make it easier I’ve compiled a short list:

1. Be more minimalistic.

This doesn’t necessarily mean frugal. It just means you need to be more selective with your choices, regardless of those choices include things or people. And that can never be a bad things. Keep the things you need, let go of the unnecessary.

2. Recycle.

You’d say this is a no brainer, but I know it’s sometimes easier said than done. So, don’t take it as a chore or get frustrated when you can’t recycle everything or all the time. Just take it one plastic bottle at a time.

3. Meditate

Relieve anxiety and stress, connect with both yourself and the environment, raise your dopamine levels, become more calm and more emotionally stable, there is not one bad thing that comes from meditation. And a happier you, makes for a happier Earth.

4. Let the car at home

Walking, taking the bike, or ever the subway can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, who gets the extra fitness bonus points! Yes, it’s you!

5. Plant a tree / start a garden 

Again, an obvious one, but lets not just plan to do it this year, lets actually do it! I for one intend to make full use of these tips on building an easy herb garden!

Live beautifully.