How to upgrade your workspace with COS x HAY

October 24, 2016


Today we say a heartfelt HAY! to the new homewear COS collection, more specifically a beautiful collaboration between fashion brand COS and furniture company HAY, perfectly subtitled “A curated collection for the modern home.”

“We were very pleased with the reaction from our customers on the collaboration with Hay, we have always admired what Hay do and share many of its values. We like to describe it as Hay seen through the eyes of COS.”

  • Martin Andersson, COS Head of Design

And this is nothing new, because these two brands have a long history of collaborating with COS using HAY products as in-store merchandise display. So if you’re ever found yourself inside a COS store wishing you had both those modern minimalist earrings AND the tray they are on, well now you can get both. I always knew I’ll get to a point in life where having your cake and eating it too would be a feasible option and here it is!

“At Hay we see ourselves in between fashion and architecture and in working with COS we feel like we have found a perfect home.”

  • Mette and Rolf Hay, Hay co-founders

That being said, here’s my section of 7 pieces that will instantly upgrade your workspace and turn it into the fashionable space that it deserve to be!


Live beautifully.

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