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The yoga gear that will accent your body and ascend your spirit

April 27, 2017

Your yoga session should never be defined by having a pretty outfit, or the latest mat. That being said, having an outfit that brings a little extra spark to your inner Goddess and a mat that puts a smile on your face every time you flow into Downward Dog is always a good thing!

1. Yoga Essentials Block by Gaiam

For trying out a new pose or ensuring your safety and alignment a block can help us all take our practice where we want it to go. So why not choose a beautiful bright color as you try a new pose?

2. Taos Stainless Steel Water Bottle by Gaiam

BPA free, 100% recyclable, it’s hard to say no to a new water bottle. Trust me, I’ve tried!

3. Evil Eye Bracelet By IAM By Ileana Makri

Protect your energies during those hard poses or your most vulnerable meditation moments ward off negative spirits with this hand woven drawstring bracelet featuring a murano glass evil eye charm.

4. The Yoga Kitchen 

No actually “yoga gear”, but I just had to include this wonderful book. Why you ask? “Discover over 100 delicious vegetarian dishes, free from gluten and refined sugar, recipes that aim to align your physical and mental energy, and boost your overall happiness.” I rest my case.

5. NIP+FAB Yoga Blend Body Lotion

This is the lotion that should not leave your yoga bag, as it’s designed to use specifically after workouts to moisturise and soften the skin. And it’s lavender, rose and coconut scented.

6. Lottie Tress Ties

Because if there’s one moment when you have to really trust your hair ties that’s during yoga!

7. I Am Serene Stretch-jersey Leggings by Bodyism

Kick-start your workout with Bodyism’s ‘I Am Serene’ leggings. Crafted from stretch-jersey, this flattering style is finished with a geometric crystal print and slimming elasticated waistband.

8. I Am Serene Stretch-jersey Sports Bra by Bodyism

Fully transform yourself into a nature Goddess with the matching geometric crystal print sports bra with elasticated underband for optimum support.

9. Printed Metallic Yoga Mat by Bodyism

Fun well-made equipment can give you the extra motivation needed to get the most out of a workout. The textured base will keep you steady during tough poses and stretches and ensures you won’t slip even in the hottest studio.

Live beautifully.

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